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don't care anymore

"Blood and souls for my dark Lord!"

7 March
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Okay, here's the deal: I'm 24 years old and a (community) college graduate. I am the Team Leader in charge of the Seasonal/Home Improvement/Automotive departments at the Kennewick Target (store T-0830).

Music is my life. I listen to it constantly. I play rhythm and bass guitar. I have been playing for almost seven years.

Reading is my escape. I own over 300 books, and have read all of them except about seven. Many of them I have read multiple times. They're mostly science fiction and fantasy, but there are a few historical fiction books thrown in there for good measure.

My biggest pet peeve is stupidity/ignorance, and I have no patience for fools.

Read my journal if you'd like to know more.


I have another journal where I post things that I have written. To check it out, go to mornaurion.


I am completely against George W. Bush and everything he stands for. While he is in office this country will continue to be a horrible, horrible place where our civil rights are limited more and more each day. Every day that Emperor Bush is in office, this nation becomes more and more akin to Germany during the reign of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.

Fuck you, George W. Bush. Fuck you to hell.
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